Access Talent, based in Manhattan with Performers all over North America, is a hands-on, boutique voice over talent agency.

Founded in 1999, Access represents voice industry professionals, whether They be celebrity Talent or young, up and coming voice artists, the quality and Proper application of our performers is what sets us apart.



Chas Cowing

Chas served 18 years in the voice-over department J Michael Bloom & Associates before his current sentence of 15 years to life at Access Talent.  He graduated from the Hotchkiss School before attending Colby College and Yale.  Chas lives on the UpperEast Side of New York City with his wife, talented son and a small but combative poodle named Spartacus. When Spartacus is in the office, he guards it ferociously, regularly terrorizing delivery people, especially the mailperson. Chas is expected to continue his sentence as owner, agent, computer repair-person and bottle-washer at Access Talent until he ends up…well, wherever old agents go to scream: “Hey you kids, get off the lawn!”

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Linda Weaver

Linda began her journey to become a voice-over agent at Cunningham, Escott & Dipene where she was an assistant in the voice-over department and took 20 antacids a day for the five years she worked there. Moving onto J. Michael Bloom she worked with Chas as co-head of the voice-over department for thirteen years. Currently Linda is co-owner with Chas Cowing of Access Talent, a boutique agency specializing in voice-overs and spoken word.  In 1974 Linda graduated with honors from SUNY Purchase with a degree in psychology which she uses every day. Linda lives in Cold Spring NY with her partner of thirty-five years and two adult, but not yet mature boys ages 25 and 22. She does live in hope that they will eventually mature as their brains knit together. Her house will be full when both boys graduate college this year and come home to live with Hudson, a socially entitled Pekingese who has gotten more full of himself after being blessed by the Dalai Lama., and a Russian Tortoise named Zoe who was rescued from an abusive family.

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Margaret Tate

Marge started her career working with someone often referred to as the last of the gentleman agents, Chuck Tranum, owner of TRH. Marge worked at TRH as an agent for 28 years, a time when the business was much more civilized than it is now. Marge has been at Access Talent for twelve years.  If you do the math, that is a long time in this business!  Marge runs the talent payment division at Access, so she is very important to the clients. Marge lives in New York City, loves to dance, tell dirty jokes, perform karaoke’ and laugh a lot. Unfortunately, Marge currently lives with an erratic, abusive cat who randomly attacks her. In the office, Marge is viewed as a little dangerous, so watch out. Her motto is ”Do your job!”.

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Christopher Davis

Chris Davis has worked for Access Talent for ten years, initially as a studio engineer and now as a non-union coordinator.  Having graduated from SCAD and hailing from Alabama, Chris now lives with his wife, Sara in North Salem, New York. Growing up in Alabama, Chris had an inside dog and an outside dog, a concept unfamiliar to New Yorkers. Chris devotes some of his spare time to playing practical jokes on his sister who lives in Alabama and is an avid watcher of movies. Chris also creates all the holiday videos for Access Talent.  Eventually Chris wants an inside dog.

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Melissa McGee-Johnson

Melissa McGee-Johnson came to Access Talent after working for a year at Broadcasters.  She has worked at Access Talent as an agent for seven years. She graduated with a B.F.A. in Arts Management from Long Island University. Initially living in Queens with her husband, Cory, they now live in Putnam County with two high-maintenance cats, Benny and Sully, a wonderful daughter, Madison who is really cute and running the entire McGee-Johnson household. Melissa commutes on the same train line as Chris and at least once has lead him astray , taking the wrong train to Harrison, New York. Melissa is a licensed ZUMBA instructor!

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